Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer Rocks!

I have always loved the summer. It’s the perfect time to truly have a blast and enjoy Mother Nature. July fourth was our first true summer celebration. The Outpost (the name to my father in laws cabin in Pindelle, Wyoming) hasn’t seen us for over 4 years and so it was time to finally get back to the cabin and enjoy its luxuries. We did so much, yet still not enough. I was thinking of doing a top 10 of my posts instead of explaining every little detail. So for this post here are the
Top 10 reasons Our July 4th Outpost Adventure Rocked

10- Getting outdoors away from work and the busy hustle and bustle of normal life was very relaxing. And look how beautiful it was. (This was our 8 mile hike to Miller Lake)

9- BBQ after BBQ. Isn’t it great when you get to go to more than one free BBQ in the same weekend? I love hotdogs!

8- It isn't every day you can throw rocks as an adult and not look retarded!

7- My farmer tan is slowly fading! I haven't been outside with the shirt off as often the past few years, but its been a great year to start shedding the clothes and this was another great push to my path to beating the farmer tan.

6- Although Mariah stole my fun this time, I can always remember being flag boy. It brings back childhood memories of Lake Powell and all of its goodness.

5- Pinedale Fireworks are good times. I love the Pinedale fireworks show it truly brought out the true fashion of the 4th. Gotta love the USA

4- Skiing has always been my water sport, although not going boating for over 4 years has put a dampener on the skills. I loved finally putting on that ski and getting out on the water. I LOVE SKIING!

3- Watching Mariah get so excited that we were actually going tubbing together (it has to be Mariah's favorite water sport). I'd go time and time again with her because I know it's one of her favorite things ever!

2- It's sad to say, but this trip was a first.....yes it was my first time four wheeling, and I loved every minute of it. I took just about every opportunity I could to get on and enjoy the ride. IT WAS AWESOME.

1- Spending Quality time with the fam. Quality time playing Settlers of Catan that is. It is one of the greatest games if your in the mood to get a little pushy, be a little frustrated, get a little loud, and be a little avengful. We spent hours and hours playing this game each night that we had little time for sleep.

Although sleep wasn't a priority on this trip, FUN WAS and for that reason alone Mariah and I are going to make it a priorty to have MORE FUN and get up to the cabin soon. GO OUTPOST!