Monday, November 2, 2009

Pumpkin carving + costume party = A Happy Halloween!

Finally some new faces! I swear (and even commented on this last Halloween) that for three years running I had carved the same face. This year I came up with a classic scary face and a kitty. Yes… I carved both pumpkins and would have done two more, but considered that a little selfish. Nick painted his pumpkin (BORING) the day after I carved mine because he was way to busy doing homework and by homework he really meant watching the Jazz game. His pumpkin actually turned out way cuter than mine and mine was a kitty. Hard to beat I know.
Nick and I threw a Halloween Costume Party! Fondue + Friends = Freakishly Good Times! We made cheese and chocolate fondue and stuffed ourselves with yummy healthy food covered in very unhealthy cheese... Couldn’t ask for anything better! Nick dressed up as a soccer player and I dressed up and a princess who just drastically lost a lot of weight. I basically wore a huge hideous pink dress with netting and massive sleeves that I used to play dress-ups in. How it fit me when I was 10 is beyond me. Later that night I suggested we play Taboo. Why I suggested it I’m not quite sure as I secretly have a love/hate relationship with this game. I ended up hating the game because I'm awful at it and I’m blaming the game for that. Ha!

Back row: Leif, Nikki, Nick, me (Mariah), Lora, Jessica, Sam, Jennifer
Front row: Josh, Cohen, Brooke, Taren, Hailey, Josh, Tim, Parker, Kara

Adding this for your viewing enjoyment! I love cat humor!