Friday, October 24, 2008

JT and Friends Benefit Concert

A couple of years ago Nick and I went as JT (Justin Timberlake) and Britney Spears for Halloween. The next year, while Nick and I were living in New Zealand, JT started off his international tour in Auckland. With all these connections with JT it was only a matter of time before Nick found us a concert to attend. Lo and behold, JT was hosting a benefits concert at the Plant Hollywood in Viva Las Vegas in support of the Shriners Children Hospital this past weekend. A good cause and a chance to see JT live with all his friends…we couldn’t pass it up. We saw the Jonas Brothers, Leona Lewis, Boyz II Men (my favorite of the night), Rihanna, the lead singer of Maroon 5, Esme Denters, Will.I.Am, 50 Cent, Lionel Richie and the man himself, JT! 

Does anyone see the resemblance? HA HA HA!

More videos from some of the performers


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Summer is running away...continued

7. Felix and Tarzan

About three weeks ago Nick and I became newly adoptive parents of an orange kitty named Felix, Nick calls him Agent Orange, and a fish named Tarzan. This is in addition to Tigger and Midnight, the two cats we already have. It all started when Felix followed Will and Heather home from Akagi Park and somehow became a permanent resident at our house. Felix used to be a Chloe though. This was before we realized that she was actually a he. Now almost every weekend we get a meowing wake up call way before we should be out of bed.

Tarzan came to us when Rebecca moved to Washington. She’s attending a fashion design institute and couldn't transport Tarzan the 12 hours it took her to drive to Seattle. Thus, whom else could she give it to? The only people that will adopt anything, better yet said, Nick and me. Now convincing them to be friends is a different story. Tigger and Midnight beat up on Felix every time we have them in the house. All the cats try and eat poor Tarzan and we're left to referee. I'd say Nick's new plants are the only ones that don't suffer. Never mind! I forgot that Felix jumps up and tries to eat off every leaf.  This should be interesting! We'll let you know which one dies first… Just kidding.

6. Vernal Express

We could not go a summer without a visit to Vernal. Although we spent most of our time playing games and The Settlers of Catan, we did manage to have our annual hot dog roast in the gully.

5. The Settlers of Catan

Let me start out by saying that this game is so addictive. It was first introduced to us through Sue and Mike. Now, almost 20 played games later Nick and I have only won twice. That's together and not as individuals. The gruesome twosome, Rebecca and her boyfriend Dallin, have won every time we've played. Yet, despite all the disappointment that we endure, we continue to play. It's a weekly occurrence and if we had it our way, it'd be daily! I promise you that if you start you will not be able to stop! We even taught the Barker's and you guessed it, we didn't even win. The veterans, who've played it more than enough times, couldn't win.