Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What a wedding and honeymoon!

Mariah and I are finally married!! What a great wedding we had. The day seemed to run so smoothly and everything seemed to fall into its proper place. We both looked dang sexy, or at least I had a beautiful bride to make me look so good.
We had such a wonderful time being with all of those whom we love. We are both glad we decided to start our day in the afternoon as Mariah had more time to read her books and I had more time to get my bags packed for the honeymoon and make sure I had everything ready for the wedding just hours away. None the less the wedding started at 3:00 at the Salt Lake Temple and was wonderful. We soaked up every minute of it.
After taking many pictures we headed to the Lion House for our dinner. We loved all that was said and all that went on during our dinner. Thanks for joining us on our fun filled day.
The day didn't end at the Lion House. We still had an awesome getaway from the Lion House on our own two feet. Yes, we walked to our hotel room and loved it. People on trax waved to us, and a cop even told us congratulations.
After the wedding day the real fun began. Mariah and I headed to San Diego to catch our five day cruise. It was awesome. We visited two ports. Our first port was Ensenada and our second port was Cabo San Lucas. No matter where we were we had a blast playing in the water, eating lots of food, relaxing and doing whatever we wanted. One thing Mariah didn't enjoy was getting sun burnt. She did all she could to keep her skin white and burnt free. Needless to say, we had an amazing time on the cruise and we loved every moment of it. We would totally suggest anyone who hasn't gone on a cruise to make plans for the future and don't forget to invite us along! After finishing the cruise we stayed a day in San Diego and enjoyed the day at Sea World. I have never seen Mariah so happy to see cats that knew how to do tricks. She loved it. She couldn't get enough of all the sea animals and their amazing tricks. Yes I loved Sea World too, it was so fun! The honeymoon rocked in all aspects and it went so well. This was only the beginning adventure of many to come. We loved this first vacation together so much that we can't wait for everything else left to come in our amazing life together. Remember, come back soon when we have more good times to talk about.


Wilde Things said...

Don't you love San Diego! I'm glad you had a wonderful trip. And a wonderful wedding. Congrats again and again!
And just think, soon you'll have more to update us on, when you move.
Keep blogging!

Sue said...

Sea World Rocks the House! I loved the pet show too. It was sooo cool to see all the animals doing tricks. Sounds like you guys had tons of fun.